What To Look For Before Renting A Warehouse

Industrial space or ware houses can actually range from manufacturing area to storage area and distribution area. Each and every kind of industrial properties have its own set of requirements and so one has to understand the facilities available in a warehouse and ask in details to the owner to find out whether it meets their needs or not.

There are many commercial warehouses for rent in Gurgaon available on real estate websites but before landing into one final space one needs to consider a few vital things. here are some things to be kept in mind and to be checked properly.

Ventilation, AC and Heating conditions

These are the facilities that has to be checked when one is leasing an industrial building. Some spaces are there where the tenants have to install their own heating and air conditioning units and there are some spaces where these things are already installed. So, the tenant has to check the condition of those first (to see whether they are working properly or not) and then go for the final agreement with the owner. If the tenant has to install those things on their own then they have to negotiate with the owners to keep that in contract because there can be a need for repair and replacement of those units later.

Operating Expenses

One needs to make sure that what is included and what is excluded from the operating costs when they take a warehouse for a lease. In general, operating costs mostly include insurance, taxes and maintenance. So one has to make it clear that what are the expenses that the owners are going to make and what are the expenses that have to be done by the tenants.

Square Footage

Always remember that some landlord calculate the square footage of the space differently. One should pay according to the space that is under usage and the actual space that they occupy. Sometimes landlords try to sneak in some extra square footage but one should not fall for that.

Parking Area

Parking lots require a lot of maintenance and some landlords definitely try to make their tenants to pay for that.  Repairs and maintenance should always be the landlord’s responsibility because on case of a long term expense it is a part of future property value. But having a parking area is also very necessary because one has to keep some heavy vehicles and trucks parked there overnight.


 Make sure that warehouse property is zoned for your intended use.  Some retail tenants just go out and lease their industrial property because the lease rates are cheaper than retailing.  However if the property is not zoned for retail use they will be of no use for the tenants unless the tenants or the landlord is willing to apply for a zoning change.

One can get a lot of industrial warehouse for rent in Gurgaon but one also needs to check the electricity supply there so that they can work and store things peacefully.

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