What is the scope of SBI PO in India?

State Bank of India, one of the largest banks in India is also one of the largest employers in the country and it provides many opportunities to all its employees. The job of SBI PO offered by SBI is considered most reputed among all the other bank’s jobs.  Though every bank has similar promotion channel for Probationary Officer, SBI has greater scope for faster promotion. SBI has a huge number of vacancies in each grade of the promotion channel. Hence, an SBI PO can climb high in the hierarchy faster than other Bank PO of other Indian Banks.

In India, banking PO jobs are monitored by IBA rules that are formulated to make the whole system extremely secure. SBI PO gets the chance to enjoy the benefits of handsome salary, job security, and other additional benefits that come with it. The 7th pay commission has increased the salary of probationary officer exponentially.

Faster Promotion

SBI has a very well-defined promotion system for SBI PO. It conducts promotion exams every year. SBI PO has the possibility to reach the apex of hierarchy (even Chairman of the Bank) during their career. SBI Chairman-MD Mrs. Arundhati Bhattacharya started out as a Probationary Officer at SBI and is now heading the Bank. 15-20 years into the service you can easily get to become Assistant General Manager (AGM), Reginal Manager (RM), or even General Manager (GM).

SBI also provide SBI PO Online Test Series to help the aspiring candidates to get a better hike and quick promotion. Hardworking, sincere, and dedicated officers who keep themselves updated with the bank’s system and proceedings are more likely to get promotions. The promotion policy of SBI is like all other banks but being the largest bank and have a larger number of openings in all grades, SBI gives faster promotion to its employees.

Transparent Appraisal System

 SBI has a very transparent and fair annual appraisal system and has a very clear promotion policy. This is the reason, why SBI PO get faster promotions and better opportunities. The career development system of SBI keep a track of over 200,000 employees’ performance and help them with their career development goals. SBI evaluates the performance of its employees and ensures quick growth of their high performers.

Skill training and Development

Being one of the largest employers in India, SBI strives to work on the performance of its employees by assessing their performance and honing their skills. It grooms its top-performers through a special skill training program and develop their leadership skills and prepare them for bigger challenges. It arranges training programs in prime institutes like ISB, IIMS, Harvard, and Stanford. SBI works on the personal and professional growth of their employees.

Foreign Posting

The scope of SBI PO is not just about faster promotion or career growth, but deserving candidates also get the chance of foreign postings. SBI sends its deserving officers for foreign posting every year, to give them the opportunity to explore the global banking system. SBI has 190 foreign branches and releases tons of openings overseas posting every year.

Job Security and Incentives

SBI offers a lot many incentives to its probationary officers including housing allowance, leased accommodation, newspaper reimbursement, traveling allowance, and medical aid. Additionally, they get limited working hours, holiday on second and fourth Saturdays, easy financial help and loans, subsidies on travel and education, and retirement plans.

To wrap-up let’s get a quick view of the scope of SBI PO career growth.

  • Higher salary and incentives
  • Quick promotion and better career growth

Foreign Posting and chance to travel abroad

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