Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses for Old-Style Wedding Themes

Old style wedding themes continue to be popular as a reminder of days gone by. Many people are impressed by the traditional look and feel of these older themes. They can also be fun for everyone to get dressed up and to enjoy the event. For example dressing up from the Gone with the Wind era with full dresses is a great idea. You will find many vintage bridesmaids dresses for such affairs.

Get Exactly what you Want

There are so many ways that you can be creative with such an idea so don’t give up on it. Get exactly what you want and you will be impressed with the overall look you and your bridesmaids are able to offer on the day of your wedding. You may have to do some research though to find out what the types of themes are out there that would be a good fit.

You want to make sure the groom is happy with the theme too. After all, it is his wedding too. There will be the issue of what the groomsmen will be wearing. It should all be something that blends well so you want to match up your bridesmaid’s vintage look with that same concept for the groomsmen.

New Vintage Bridesmaids Dresses

As you start to look around you will find that there are many great looking bridesmaids’ dresses out there. They may look vintage but they are brand new. Due to the demand for such dresses they are made to fit that era and look. Your bridesmaids will look lovely in these items on your wedding day.

Older Used Dresses with Lots of Life in Them

The other idea to consider is to really get your hands on some vintage bridesmaid’s dresses. There are so many of them out there that still have lots of life in them. Many of them were only worn once. They can be purchased for a low price and then altered to fit the sizes of your bridesmaids.

You may find it hard to get a complete set that are the same look and color. You can choose to create a unique look with your bridesmaids all wearing different colors and styles of vintage dresses. They can also all wear the same color but a different type of style if you like.

Explain the Theme to your Bridesmaids

Once you explain the theme to your bridesmaids you will find that most of them are going to really love the idea. They will take on the challenge of the theme for the wedding. A vintage bridesmaids dress can be a new idea to them that is also quite exciting.


Keep in mind though that for a vintage theme the dress that the bridesmaid dresses wears is just the beginning. If you want to hold true to the theme you need to do a great deal of research in the area of accessories too. That way they blend in to the overall look you wish to accomplish for the wedding.

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