The Unimaginable Marketability of Big Data Certifications

Big data is the biggest priority of the current business arena where every organization is aspiring to get ahead of another in order to win the data race. As technology progressed, companies began to frame countless ways to leverage the explosion of data that is caused by the overenthusiastic public trying to make an uttermost usage of mobile phones, laptops, social media and every single source that has the potential to store and emanate infinite quantities of data in the world.

Therefore, the application of the sophisticated big data technologies is the key to give a tough competition to rivals in the big data game, however, as it is still in the cradle phase, there are not enough professionals who are well-versed with ways to make effective use of big data. And, that is where Big Data Certifications come into the scenery.

As per a survey of Information Technology executives at five hundred U.S. businesses by CompTIA, fifty percent of the organizations believe that they are doing well when it comes to leveraging data, however, seventy-one percent of them still think that they are facing a massive deficit in the supply of eligible big data professionals possessing the competence in data analysis and management.

A high count of companies is falling back in the ongoing war of using the steepest amount of data in the best possible manner in order to make better decisions, offer a loftier level of services to the customers and add value to the overall business. And, to bring all of this into action, companies require dexterous individuals with the ability to make sense out of messy, gruesome data.

The present circumstances are creating a deep need for big data certifications to help professionals become exceptionally handy with latest technologies that are helpful to companies in their pursuance of cleaning and organizing unstructured, semi-structured forms of data and extract meaningful information out of it.

Here is a list of the Top Big Data Certifications

1.Certified Analytics Professional

Presented by the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, CAP is a relevant certification in big data that encompasses a training program involving comprehensive analytics. The program encircles training in constructing business along with analytic problems, procuring data, building up analytical methodologies, structuring models, implementation, as well as model lifecycle management.

2.SeniorBig Data Analyst – a unique big data certification offered by Data Science Council of America, (DASCA) SBDA is an apt program for business analysts and researchers seeking skyrocketing growth in the big data industry. The beauty of this program is that people coming from diverse professional and educational backgrounds can opt for it as to build a lucrative & long-lasting career in big data and analytics.

3.EMC Data Scientist Associate

Offered by EMC, this certification proves your knowledge of managing humongous big data projects by verifying your expertise to lead a team of big data professionals. This certification program proffers you with extensive training in tackling with big data analytic tools, and provides you with the skills to fabricate business questions, applying analytical techniques, building statistical models, along with data visualization.

4.Cloudera Certified Professional: Data Scientist – Granted by Cloudera, that is known for being the leader in development training relating to Hadoop, this big data certification program is meant for data scientists who wish to exhibit their capability in designing and developing flexible big data production surroundings.

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