The Role & Responsibilities of chief Human Resources Officer

The world of human resources is vast, incorporating a range of functions to manage. It is like a humongous ship carrying loads of responsibilities and the captain of this ship who gives it the right direction is the Chief Human Resources Officer.

The Chief of Human Resources is the head of the HR department or talent team who is responsible for an organization’s staff. He or she has to handle the extensive task of managing the human capital which is hard to carry out, especially, in today’s business environment where a war of talent is going on amongst organizations that are giving tough competition to one another in order to fetch the best talent globally.

The relevance of a Chief Human Resources Officer has enhanced to another level with the technological breakthrough in the HR sphere where a new HR software makes an entry, every now & then.

Moreover, as a result of government compliance, it has become mandatory for organizations to alter their rules & policies and integrate a human resources department into their structure. Consequently, elevating the position of a Chief Human Resources Officer to govern the HR activities of a company.

The New Designation of HR leaders

A few years ago, the leaders in the HR realm were not given any specific designation or title, however, times have changed and now, they are ranked amongst the other C-suite executives like the Chief Finance Officer, Chief Information Officer etc.

There are a couple of other names apart from the Chief Human Resources Officer that many organizations use in order to refer to their HR leaders such as the Chief People Officer & Vice President of Human Resources.

The Core Responsibilities of the Chief of Human Resources

The first and foremost responsibility of a CHRO is to smartly design and execute the talent strategy of an organization. Which is a strenuous task considering the fact that a talent strategy covers the complex functions of recruiting, employing, engaging & retaining.

The process that a CHRO follows to construct a strategy in order to streamline the talent encompasses a range of disciplines (like talent management, talent acquisition, staff training along with succession planning) that are vast and not easy to comprehend. Moreover, in large organizations that can afford to deploy talent management software, CHROs are expected to have it completely under their control.

The management strategy that covers the employee perks and engagement along with the wellness programs also come under the work jurisdiction of a Chief Human Resources Officer.

The Career track for a Chief Human Resources Officer

The career track for a CHRO is not very well-defined by anyone as yet. So, the most suitable thing to do is to gain experience in different roles where you get to use your power to judge, coach and recruit people and stand up to a leadership position, eventually.

The most essential traits of a CHRO is to efficiently handle teams as well as budgets. In addition to that, relationship management, global awareness, and communication are also some of the qualities required in a Chief Human Resources Officer.

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