Start Your Career in AI with this Shortest Guide

Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest topics as technology is moving at the speed of light. We are reaping innumerable benefits from the inclusion of AI in the industries such as healthcare, finance, agriculture, education, and many more. Since AI is intelligent enough to play with data, it is gradually changing the way how businesses work.

With the evolution of AI technology, AI professionals are in huge demand. It will open the gateway to various job positions like Principal Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Computer Vision Engineer, Data Scientist, AI Engineer, Algorithm Engineer, and Computer Scientist. The top companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Adobe, Uber, Facebook, etc. are looking for the use of this technology is growing tremendously and so the demand for AI professionals to transform the businesses. Let’s take you through the things that it is improving!

Why become an AI professional?

Improving Business Intelligence

The power of artificial intelligence can analyze the massive quantities of data and makes it understandable to the user. It can extract insights based on the trends and make business decisions by actions based on those trends. AI is definitely the future of business analytics and intelligence.

Help understand targets and serve customers better

AI-powered solutions are all set to improve the customer experience. It is disrupting the customer service space with its potentiality to multi-task and quick-respond with automated queries. The whole experience is getting personalized as AI can identify customer issues and come up with suitable solutions to resolve them before they arrive.

Enhancing fraud prevention activities

AI can quickly respond to the subtle patterns of fraud and prevent it from occurring. The automated discovery of patterns is responsible for the detection and prevention of fraud. AI has improved security with its ability to identify threats in real time and predicting arising threats.

Improves efficiency

AI develops the experience of both employees and customers. The way this technology does the analysis to better decision making is wonderful. This helps to increase efficiency and productivity by taking up all the tasks that were done manually earlier. There is workload efficiency due to automation and human errors have reduced significantly.

The list doesn’t end here. AI is also transforming the way how social media works, enabling constant customer support and reducing costs.

Time for a fact

According to Gartner, Artificial Intelligence is expected to create 2.3 million jobs by 2020. According to Dun & Bradstreet, 40% of organizations are adding more jobs as a result of deploying AI withing their business.

Top companies are looking for certified AI professionals who are able to demonstrate their skills in the organization. AI certifications gear up the AI professionals for a bright future. AI certifications give rise to skilled AI professionals that create a strong impact on their resume.  The AI certifications make them stand out of the crowd by making them recognizable by the top best companies. Get certified to make your place in this lucrative career and grab the best salary package.

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