Solving the 10 Most Common Social Media Marketing Challenges In 2019

Social Media – The most popular word and platform of this decade, I guess. Let me tell you a fun fact. Nearly one-third of our planet’s population is an active user of Social Media today! Now you know the business and business people. How could they spare this field and with this came a new way of marketing called the social media marketing.

Last year that is 2018 saw a boom in the social media marketing industry. But like every other thing this field also has some challenges for us to face in the store. So, let’s quickly see these problems and Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai has some really interesting solutions to fix witness succession.

  1. Connecting with the audience

One of the most important challenges of marketing has always been connecting to its user base on a personal and individual level. As social media trends grew larger this pressure increased. We see a lot of commercial advertisements everywhere on Instagram, Facebook and twitter. But undoubtedly   the competition has also increased and only the best survives

Solution-Connect with your user base with the help of tools like Mention, Buffer Reply or TweetDeck. All these tools are meant to personally reply your users which help you to connect with the user base very effectively. If your business is not very huge and is on the growing stage you can also create Facebook or WhatsApp groups. This helps likeminded people to come together through you and is very beneficial for you and your company.

2.Creating an effective strategy

Even if you know what is your business about, what you want to sell and what is your audience base even then you may fail at social media marketing. Why? Because social media marketing is an art which requires complete strategy. In today’s world of competition, no strategy means no gain.

Solution– Do keep a track of your success. Make small achievable goals an always keep in mind what is trending. Do not afraid to appreciate your competitors’ strategies and adapt them if possible. It is never a thing of shame. After all business is business.

  1. Organic reach? Is it still valid?

To be very frank the concept of organic reach is now completely outdated and will not work for you in the year 2019. You need to find out better ways and stay updated to manage competition.

Solution- See this as an opportunity. Find out the cons of organic reach and switch over to paid advertising on social media. Now the word ‘paid’ horrifies a lot of people. But hey! Business is nothing without investment. Look at the bigger picture. If you are spending some money to promote your posts and advertisements, it is being made sure that your brand name reaches to hundreds and thousands of potential customers.

  1. Good content is the key of attraction

What will you like to watch as a viewer? New and innovative content. Right? Social Media marketing requires you to push your brain every now and then. Every second something new is coming which will take away your lakhs of users. It is not the case here that you work hard for a week and then rest for the next coming month.

Solution- Keep your eyes open and plan for the future. Always stay updated and use the latest technology to drive your user base. Try creating viral stuff and never let your thought bud rest. (Relaxing sometimes is never an offence)

  1. Quality or quantity

A lot of people think that posting more on social media will be a rescue for them if they are unable to offer quality. Well this is a real misconception as the user base you have is not a fool. They are as smart as you are. So never let quantity win in the quality v/s quantity war. Learning with best Digital Marketing Classes in Pune will make you understand the true face of quality or quantity to reach the desired goal.

Solution– Take your time. Be a little patient. If you are unable to provide quality now wait, study your strategy and take a bit time but post something that influences your user. This will make you establish a strong emotional connection with them. The best part of this is that even if you post something rubbish once, they will forgive you. That is the power of a good content.

  1. Having a large follower base

Well now as you have a real good content. Let us talk about the next challenge i.e.  getting a real huge follower base. For common people it may be like having a good content means having a huge follower base but marketers know the reality. So, what should be done?

Solution-Never think that once you have created a mind-blowing content you can sit back and relax and your content will automatically get shared. Ask people to share your content. The list of people includes your mum, relatives, friends, juniors etc. Also, you can promote some giveaway challenges or you can join some linked in groups.

  1. Ensuring that your content gets shared every time

As I talked in the above point you need to work really hard for your content to get shared. It may happen that you find a particular technique that works wonders for you and you get a huge fan base. But repeating the same technique to share your content again and again may lead you to a loss.

Solution– It is very well said in the world of marketing that be your own audience. Whatever you have a post, a blog or a video. Look at it, observe it and think whether you would have had shared it or not. Try to bring entertainment to people in new ways. Like telling them a story, making your audience feel that they are sitting in your place, and sometimes even use emotional tactics.

  1. Do not ignore the data bases!

I know a lot of people ignore the databases. The graphs may seem boring but the fact is that databases are the most effective source to know the taste of your audience. The biggest companies of the world focus the most on the data and even pay money to buy such databases.

Solution– Take a New Year resolution to not ignore those boring graphs and spent some time analyzing the data. It will help you in the long run.

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  1. Do not forget the visuals.

How good it would have been if all that you are reading now was in a video format. Exactly, graphics play a very important role in social media marketing.

Solution- Avoid using someone else’s video and photos this year. Create and use your original images and visuals to lure your audience.

  1. Finding the important

This year do make a note of what makes your brand unique. And focus on it the most to wave audience towards you.

Solution- Take out some time to study your business, data, comments and feedback from users and find out the uniqueness of your company. Remember when a woodcutter sharpens its saw after cutting some woods, the overall result I great.

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