Samsung LCD TV Repair with Vertical Line on Screen

The TV is one of the important sources of entertainment. Everyone likes watching TV and especially kids. Ranging from daily soaps, cartoon, news, sports everything has a great value. You won’t like any interruption in your entertainment. What if you are sitting in front of your TV and watching your favorite show and suddenly your TV gets to stop working. Your mood gets spoiled as you will not be able to watch your favorite shows. The rhythm and flow of your life suddenly get shattered. Problems which can occur in your TV are poor picture quality, vertical or horizontal lines on the display screen, a problem in the power box, sound problem and many other problems.

To deal with this problem first a fall you need to see of what brand your TV does belong to. Whatever type of TV, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, with every TV it raises the same problems. If you are not able to fix it you can contact to the TV service center as they are better aware of these technical issues and they will send a good Samsung TV repair expert. You do not need to take any burden after contacting the service center because now it is their duty and responsibility to provide you with the best TV repair expert.

When you should think about replacing your TV?

When your TV set gets damaged you might think for once that you should buy a new TV set. But you do not need to change the complete TV set as it can be repaired. The need for replacing the TV set comes when the fixation charges are more and the risk of getting damage again is also more. In this case, you can buy a new set of TV as there are various new models available in the market with advanced features. If the problem is major then you get Samsung TV repair on your own risk as the problem might occur again.

The vertical line on your TV screen is a common problem and it can occur even on your Laptop screen or mobile phone screen. It does not matter where you live whether within in India or outside India. You can even get TV repair Toronto also. In every part, you will find the TV service centers that look after the problems on your TV. They will provide you TV home service with their best TV expert who is skillful and experienced. They not only fix your problem of vertical lines on the TV screen but also guarantee you a limited time period. Within this time period if you’re TV gets again damaged they will fix it without any extra charges.

What is the reason for vertical lines on the TV screen and how you can solve it?

The fault occurs due to the ribbon cable and its connections. The lines can be colored like blue, green, grey or red and may appear in the thin or thick form on half or full TV screen. There are ways through which the problem can be solved. Start by removing and reseating the video cable both on the TV and the video source. If this does not solve the problem you can switch to another method which is very easy as you can contact a repair expert or you can clean the contacts and for that, you need high-quality electrical contact cleaner. It is regarded as one of the best ways to clean the socket and your problem can be also solved. You can also unplug the TV and check the connecting wires and then you can re-start and check whether it works properly or not. Though the vertical lines can be solved for once after some time it may occur again.

The vertical or horizontal line on the display screen is really very common. It cannot be solved permanently and hence it needs to be replaced. If after this also the vertical lines appear again then the problem is with the T- Con board which needs to be replaced. So, these are the ways to fix the problem of vertical lines on the Samsung TV repair screen.

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