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What are socket sets?

Socket sets basically contain sockets or socket sets of different sizes. A socket set can be classified on the basis of the number of socket pieces it contains such as a small one bring of 33 pieces whereas the large one being of 573 comprehensive pieces. However, it isn’t necessary that all the pieces are sockets and it also has socket accessories, screwdrivers, turning tools and also other accessories such as spanners which are collectively called as a set. Hence, the more the pieces, the more versatile the set is and perhaps, large sets of over 500 pieces are usually sold in a trolley or chest form. It is useful to store in a workshop and organising tools but doesn’t have the portability as small sets have.

Factors to Consider:

When buying socket sets online India, it is important to know what is the purpose of the packet and the application for which you will be using it. Hence, if you know that you will be working on only a particular material with small number of tools either metric or imperial fasteners, then buying only those particular size socket set might be the most economical option. But if you will be using both sets of tools regularly then it’s viable for you to purchase a larger tool set.

Another factor that has to be taken into consideration is the drive size. Normally, the standard size of the ratchet and socket will suffice but still depends upon the type of work that you will be doing. Hence, a large ratchet and socket will help you easily work and switch between all different sizes.


There are various applications of the sockets when you consider to buy sockets sets and one has to be thoroughly equipped with the knowledge of its application before purchasing them.

  • One of the primary applications of these sets are automotive garages where they are used with other tools such as ratchets, torque wrench and impact wrench.
  • Small sockets can be used with a spinner handle to fix the hard drives and also the side panels of the desktop computers.
  • Socket bits are used to tighten or loosen the Allen key type bolts that is often found on bicycles using a ratchet.

Align with these there are many other applications in both domestically and in work also. It can be used to operate to fix bolts and sockets of different equipment placed in the house and repair them.

Warranty and Guarantee:

When you buy sockets sets, some of them come with lifetime warranty and guarantee. Although it shows that the manufacturer has trust in his products to last efficiently, it is to kept in mind that not all warranties and guarantees are lifetime as some require you to replace the broken parts, some may want you to showcase a period of purchase or any other legal document stating the warranty for the product being authorised. As each manufacturer have different terms and conditions to be considered for warranty and guarantee, it is advised to read and know about the policy before opting for it.

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