Readers Vote: Louisville’s 5 Best BBQ Restaurants

The Barbecue (BBQ) technique can refer to the cooking method itself, the meat one cooks by using this method, the cooking apparatus used by the cook, or a kind of social gathering featuring this style of cooking.

Presence in the US

In the southern part of the country, the style started with mainly preparing pork. During the 19th century, pigs were kept as a low maintenance food source and were sometimes freed to run wild in the woodlands. In the later years, wild pigs were mostly used for barbecuing as they tasted better than domesticated pigs. The BBQ Restaurants in Louisville is specially known to serve the best BBQ.

Best BBQ Restaurants in Louisville and their Services

  1. Mark’s Feed Store: The BBQ restaurant in Louisville started in 1988, and is still a great player when it comes to serving great barbecue meals to food lovers. The décor inside effectively matches their inner desire- which is to serve the customers with the best possible food and not only satiate their hunger pangs. The retail part has their award winning section for bbq.
  2. Jimbo’s Bar-B-Que: If it’s about the Best BBQ in Louisville, then Jimbo’s Bar-B-Que is quite a known face in the field of BBQ. Their loyal customers always come back in their restaurant for an authentic barbecue experience. They have plenty of rooms in their dining area, or in their deck which they use to accommodate large public gatherings. Their menu includes pulled meat preparations, wings, and salads, chickens and ribs…. all with the choice of regular, secret and spicy recipe of BBQ.
  3. Shack in the Back: This is the place where families gather to enjoy the Best BBQ in Louisville. Their meat is slow-cooked to perfection on a daily basis on a classically styled pit for a minimum of 14 to 18 hours. Just 10 minutes from Louisville, but always within the reach of the locals and gourmets.
  4. Louie’s Hot Chicken and Barbeque: After spending some years in perfecting their Nashville hot chicken recipe, three friends, Justin, John and Chris started Louie’s Hot Chicken and Barbeque. The three friends later added BBQ to their menu. Heat levels ranges from being medium to hot, extra hot to extra-extra hot if the customers dare to taste.
  5. Roosters: Corrine Frick and Bob started something new, with opening Roosters in the year 1988. Bob’s passion for food was always part of his DNA, but he couldn’t actively do anything about this. Corrine, on the other hand, possesses a great interest in showing her hospitality towards people.

To save time and energy, anyone can visit these above-mentioned restaurants for the best BBQ experience without trying out less worthy options first.

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