Preparing for Pregnancy

Before you are planning to become pregnant you need to take stock of a few questions. Are you ready for it and willing to welcome presence of a child in this world?

  • Are you into heart medications while pregnant? Does pregnant and heart medication have a relation
  • Are you willing to take up the responsibility of pregnancy? The mental and physical preparation is ready.

Have a cautious approach when you are eating fish

If you are an avid fish eater you need to be careful. Fish is an essential source of Omega 3 fatty acids, it is also essential for the brain and eye development of your little one. Fish could also contain mercury that is harmful. Keep away from fish like shark or swordfish. It is better to keep away from fish in local waters as they are a source of contamination.

Have an eye on your finances

If you are going to have a baby it would take a toll on your finances. It means you might have to plan your finances and check out for insurance. Observe the hospital you are going to choose would be part of your insurance plan. If there is no health insurance you can check out with local health department for any programs that might suit you.

A goodbye to contraceptive pills

It is time that you stay away from contraceptive pills. The moment you stop pills, periods would go on to start in a few days. For some women it may even take a month or so for ovulation to begin. If you are having your periods regularly ovulation would be normal. There are doctors who might ask their clients to wait for contraceptive periods before they are planning to conceive. If you go on to conceive before regular occurring of your periods, the doctor would go on to suggest early sonogram in order to arrive at your exact due date.

Clearly having an idea about your ovulation cycle

If you are planning to become pregnant, it is high time you stop use of contraceptives. There are charts in place that help you gain an idea about contractive charts along with cycles. If you are aware of your cervical mucus you can have a concise idea about your fertile days. If you follow this over a period of months you can arrive at your correct ovulation date. There are plenty of ovulation predictor kits that are available in the market.

Be aware of your family history

Before pregnant this is one of the most important things that you need to be aware of. If you are aware about the medical history of you and yours partner you can have an idea about genetic or health issues. This would prevent any serious risks from passing on to the baby

These are some of the must do tips to be followed when pregnant. Just you need some discipline and awareness to take care of yourself. This ensures a happy journey to pregnancy along with conception.

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