Popular FAQs on UC mini browser

What is UCmini?

UC browser is one of the most popular mobile web browsers that is preferred by many users as it consumes a very small amount of data to browse across as compared to most of the other popular web browsers. UC browser is mainly for the PC and the uc mini is the popularly used mobile browser. It is of very small size and would not overburden your device but provide you with fast search result so that you can carry out your work even it slow internet conditions.

Is ucmini free to install?

Yes, ucmini is freely available and you can easily install it into your smartphones to start taking advantage of the browser. The speed of search and the results shown greatly varies from one browser to another. If you use ucmini you will automatically understand the difference. It is free to install and definitely worth a try.

Across what platforms Ucmini browser can be installed?

The ucmini bowser is specially designed for mobile phones and you can install it across both Android iOS devices. So, you can basically install it across any smartphone to cut down on your data charges. Even platforms like Symbian, Java and blackberry support uc mini

Is the layout the same for ucmini and other mobile browsers?

No, the layout of any site varies from one browser to another and Uc mini has the simplest possible layout. You can click on links mentioned in blue with an underline and carry out any other general activity on this browser. So, it won’t create a difference. But some users tend to love their original official browser. They can install Ucmini and use it only when there is a slow internet connection because that is what this app was designed for.

How to view the browsing history on ucmini?

To view the browsing history just click on the star icon visible on the top left corner of your homepage. Go to the menu option and click on bookmarks to see any additional site that you bookmarked earlier. This feature is available on all ucmini browsers.

What to do when you get an error code 17 on the files that you are trying to download?

If you repeatedly get such a code for a particular file then the problem is with the website. Try using your original browser installed in your device to download such files and make sure you report to the ucmini browser team so that they can work to fix such issues.

How to view content on the clipboard after you have copied it?

Once you have copied an item to the clipboard by selecting copy paste, long press and hold to get a text box first. Then once you get the text box you can easily paste the copied text to the textbox. This usually does not happen with other browsers but that is how uc mini and even UC browser works.

Is ucmini recommended for use?

If you are looking for a browser that can help you save some data by operating at low data prices then this is your one.

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