How a stair runner helps to ensure the safety of your dear ones

We all know that in this world, nothing is permanent and you never know when trouble will knock your door. In one moment, you will find that everything is fine and in just another second you can see that you are nowhere but in the middle of the problem. Hence, it’s always advisable to take proper safety measures so that you don’t end up with new issues. Now, you might be wondering, what a stair runner is. Let me tell you that stair runners are nothing but a particular type of rug, which is used only over the stairs. These particular types of rugs are not only long and narrow, but they can also be glued over the stairs to make the stairs a non-slippery one. If you are using stair runners on the stairs of your home, it indicates that you are giving some extra protection to your dear ones from potential injuries.

The rugs of stair runners have high friction so unfortunately if any person slips from the stairs, then this rugs helps to reduce the speed of fall, which in turn increase the chances of a person recovering without any injury. But while purchasing the stair runners, you must always ensure that you do not compromise in the quality of the rugs because the low-quality mats will not only have a minimal lifespan, but at the same time, their maintenance will be high. There are some more things that you need to consider before you purchase your stair runners.

  • First and the foremost thing that you need to do is buy only the quality stair runners not because the area is more visible in your house, but also, the area has the highest traffic in a home and is very narrow. Moreover, you cannot replace the stair carpet all the time, and if you are getting an inexpensive one, then it is obvious that the carpet won’t work for the longer duration.
  • And the second thing is that it is obvious that the carpet will look somewhat different when it is bent compared to the one when it is flat. There are some threads which will easily reveal the backing up of the stair runner carpet. Hence, you cannot select what type of carpet to cover your stairs. To deal with the problem, the best possible thing that you can do is take a sample part of the carpet and then try to place that sample part on some bend portion of the stairs. If you do so, then you can easily examine that material of the carpet from all the direction that is below, above and also from the eye level. This will help you in selecting the attractive Floorspace stair runners.

If you follow both the points that are mentioned above, then you will not only end up buying the quality stair runners but at the same time, you can also ensure the safety of your dear ones.

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