Here is a Good News for the Blockchain Professionals!

Get ready to embrace the new technological era with the evolution of Blockchain technology. This powerful technology is transforming every industry. Be it healthcare or government, it is on a mission to cause disruption in every sector.

What exactly blockchain is?

In an easy-breezy language, blockchain is the decentralized network that can be accessed by anyone. The transactions are recorded in blocks with timestamps and transaction data. The transactions are then verified whether they are valid or not. These blocks of information are then stored in multiple computers and updated instantly. It is harder to hack this information because there is no central location. There is no need for a bank to verify the transfer of money as blockchain eliminates the role of intermediaries. This makes the technology reliable and trustworthy.

Demand for Blockchain Engineers

The technology is not that simple as it may seem. It increases the demand for blockchain engineers to make sure that the technology is used correctly. The blockchain companies are dying for good help and this increases the need for the involvement of professionals with expertise in the blockchain. According to Hired, global demand for blockchain engineers went up by 517% in a year. As shown in the infographics, blockchain engineers highly in demand followed by security engineer (132%), embedded engineer (76%), data engineer (38%), back-end engineer (33%), ML engineer (27%), mobile engineer (15%), full-stack engineer (7%) and front-end engineer (4%). A lot of companies are filling the positions and it’s the right time to step into this lucrative career.

Salary in March 2019

There is a lot of money floating into the blockchain space. The blockchain engineers enjoy the premium salary between $1,50,000 and $1,75,000. They are considered as the highest paid software developers and earn higher than any other engineering role.

Top in-demand platforms

If you are thinking to enter into the world of blockchain, go get your knowledge tested in networking, database design, and cryptography computing skills. Engineers in blockchain should master the programming languages that include Solidity, SQL, Ruby, Java & JavaScript, Python, and Golang. 

Who is hiring blockchain engineers

Almost every other sector is making use of blockchain technology. The demand has grown tremendously in startups, banks, accountancy firms, healthcare firms, law firms, tech firms, governments, and education firms. Top companies like Facebook, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Met Life, American Express amongst many others are all set to begin work that makes use of this technology. They are looking for blockchain professionals who are infused with a lot of technical expertise.

To kickstart a career in blockchain,you need to continuously improve upon your skills. It is crucial for professionals to stay updated with the latest tools and technology. Since technology is flourishing, it’s the right time to demonstrate your potential and grab your dream job. Consider getting Blockchain certification if you want to stay in this cutting edge technological field. Certifications are a way to get recognized by the large companies and prove your commitment towards the field.

It’s time to make your career in blockchain by proving your worth!

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