Have you wondered whether your organization is agile or not?

The current infographic by The Strategy Institute on how agile is your organization in 2019 emphasized on the importance of two key factors – agility and collaboration – for the organizational success. The infographic also mentioned a survey conducted by Deloitte asking business executives about their thoughts on the subject. And it was revealed that 90% of executives are of the opinion that both agility and collaboration are crucial to their organization’s success.

However, all the business strategy planners are still asking the question – one of the relevant questions of the time – how to measure the agility of an organization. Since the entire infographic is about strategy planning and business strategy, it gave a detailed solution to the question pointing out that there are five important benchmarks. And if the organization can incorporate those five benchmarks successfully in their daily practices then there is no stopping that organization.

Strategy, Structure, Process, Technology and People form the five crucial benchmark to follow if you wish to see your organization succeed and stay ahead of the competition. The infographic explained how one can ensure how to incorporate each of them in your organization. Each of the benchmark had clearly defined pointers that are easy to understand and bring to practice so as to ensure that you are able to measure the agility of your organization.

Another important question it raised was whether you know or not about your organization being agile or not. And you can join hands with The Strategy Institute to ensure your organization’s agility success.

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