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Dedicated server hosting can be defined as a category of web hosting method where customers are provided with an entire server to themselves. Thus, a “dedicated server” relates to the “dedicated” server which customers hire (or buy) so as to host their websites.

Dedicated server hosting will provide customers a lot of management across their web site. It will even facilitate to make sure such that various consumers’ websites do not effect over their website. Utilizing dedicated servers is far more costly than web hosting, however if their website gets plenty of traffic or they carry some other demands (like further security needs), dedicated server hosting is the solution for them.

With the utilization of dedicated server hosting, customers are able to easily log in to their dedicated server simply as they will log in to their respective system. When they are logged in, they might install and set up software as they desire.

Gear up for the Linux Dedicated Server Hosting with CloudOYE Data center. We provide a robust structure of Linux Dedicated Server in India which involves high amounts of traffic. Administrator or root access refers to the management of their Linux Dedicated Server with huge levels of security and pace therefore pumping up their business performance with high loads!

Customers can be tension free as our solutions are installed easily and quickly in terms of security. We therefore give our customers the power for their online business related websites and various applications to execute easily and safely. We provide encrypted form of Linux dedicated server hosting and affordable cost with 24X7 free assistance.

What does “Fully Managed” refer to and are all Dedicated Servers fully managed?

Working with a fully managed item, or say service, implies that we don’t simply build their server and rest leave it form customers. Our groups are present to facilitate their journey as they would require assistance. Fully Managed assistance implies that we are going to facilitate and manage system modifications, security patches along with a LAMP stack.

Which means we’ will handle the basic architecture, thus customers will concentrate in their web site as well as business. It’s simply that clear. Our extremely trained employees are prepared to handle their hardware as well as web server and also provide well equipped assistance for third-party system.

Management level is explained by a server image which is basically utilized. If required, customers may tailor their demanded management level.

Each of our service are managed. Our servers are precisely set up with a completely managed reputation utilizing their option of cPanel/WHM or Plesk control panel.

Dedicated Features Which Provides Customers Full Management

Robust Servers

Our cheap dedicated server hosting provides efficient dedicated servers which operate over world class industry level hardware and offer super quick server speeds.

For the best care of their data, our every server is operated with RAID1 activated. We ensure that their data is safely intact.

Compatible Platform

We promise our clients customer satisfaction and ensure that all the programmers feels happy and satisfied with services. Our dedicated servers work with PHP 5.2/5.3, Perl, Python and Ruby over Rails. In addition to this, we assist an undefined amount of MySQL databases which allows customer to measure database operations.

WordPress Toolkit

We provide an entire toolkit for WordPress management along with security. Customers may maintain and secure their WordPress instances, plugins and themes.

Developer Pack

We also provide PostgreSQL management along with MSSQL management module. Moreover to this, get assistance for Tomcat and ColdFusion.


CloudOYE offers widest server security based levels created within the core through Atomicorp ModSEcurity Rules, outbound antispam and CloudFlare Server Shield.

Plesk Mobile Manager

Plesk Mobile provides administrators as well as users the mobile access to control their domains. If customers are the administrator of a concerned server, they might even access several server management abilities, comprising monitoring services over a server, OS information, restart server, server health, stop, start, and so on so forth.

Simple Administration

Users may log in to the panel to view and handle all the subscriptions that are hosted on various service nodes. Once the administrators log in to the management panel, they will notice and handle each and every subscription across all the service nodes.

Customer Interface

Customers get power customer view, with server as well as site admin. It is created for users who aren’t reselling the services, however require the complete power of control panel options. One may even personalize the view as per the need.

Enlisted Below Our Some Of Characteristics Of Linux Dedicated Server:

  • Assists huge variety of Linux OS like Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, FreeBSD etc.

  • cPanel/WHM Web Control Panel Integration.

  • Full Root Access.

  • Server Protection with IP Tables Firewall.

  • Assists Apache Web Server, Litespeed, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, FFMpeg.

Choose Our Dedicated Server To Attain Maximum Power

High Speed

Every server is tailored by our experts utilizing the brand new technology. And utilization of open source technology, such as OpenStack, provides us the durability to modify the performance with time.

Quick Provisioning

Various dedicated hosting service providers consume weeks to set up and deploy a respective dedicated server. Our group of experts create their server under 24-72 hours such that they may begin working as soon as possible.

RAID Storage

We utilize strictly high quality storage with RAID level 1 assistance across our huge storage dedicated servers. User drives are fully mirrored, assuring that their data is pretty well secured.

Storage Updates

Hosting storage can be added as per the need. With our improved cPanel, they may enhance available storage space without needing admin intervention.

Root Access

For high level customers, our enhanced cpanel dedicated server offers alternative root access, providing customers complete management of their server.

Dedicated Support

Receive support from potential experts who are professionals in dedicated web hosting. Our committed team works with the technicians who manage their server.


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