Best Tips and Tricks to Win the IPL Fantasy Championship

Indian Premier League (IPL) and fantasy cricket are a perfect foil for each other. When the IPL’s ability to incite emotions meets the profitability of fantasy cricket, entertainment takes a whole new definition. Suddenly, the cricket enthusiasts are drawn closer to the game in anticipation of cash prizes and the go-to-guy-for-everything-cricket status. Now that 12th season of IPL is just upon us, it’s time to shed your reservations and get onboard the fantasy cricket IPL bandwagon. However, if the lack of winning strategies is holding you back, we can be of help.

Research the players:

The fantasy league cricket requires you to pick a playing 11, featuring 4 to 5 batsmen, 2 to 5 bowlers, 1 to 4 all-rounders and a wicketkeeper from both participating teams for each match. Each run, wicket, save or run out your players make, take or implement will fetch you points. Apparently, the situation calls for wise selection decisions based on research. Putting this strategy in motion may have been hard if not for online resources like These resources allow you to stay aware of the form, fitness and other aspects that help or hinder players. The inferences thus drawn are the cornerstone for educated selection decisions.      

The Power Player Factor:

Now that you have put together a playing 11, it’s time to choose two Power Players – one for the match and other for the innings. Practicality is always recommended when designating a power player, as he can contribute negatively or positively to your overall points tally. Suppose Virat Kohli fetches you 50 points. If he is your power player, the points will double to 100. Likewise, the negative points he earns will also double, taking a heavy toll on your final points. The trick is to appoint a wicketkeeper all-rounder as the power player simply because he will have many catching opportunities behind the wicket and is likely to score 15 to 20 runs as well.

Substitute wisely:

Fantasy cricket websites afford you the luxury of substituting players in each match prior to the deadline. Although the number of substitutions depends on the website you play at, 80 is the standard figure for all group matches. Typically, IPL has 56 group matches, making it roughly 1.5 substitutions per match. You are better off limiting your substitutions to 1 player a match in the early phase of the event. (Go for two substitutions in dire need only.) The point is to save as many substitutions as possible for the business end of the group phase for maximum leverage.       

Read the pitch:

Not only the team management needs to be concerned about the pitch but you also have to share the concern. The 22 yards strip determines the team compositions in the real cricket and fantasy cricket alike – make no mistake about it. Thus far, almost all IPL seasons were played on the spin-friendly subcontinent pitches but the forthcoming one may unfold in South Africa or the UAE in wake of general elections in India. Previously, you relied more on spinners but this time around, going for pacers who can extract bounce and swing the ball is the way to go.   


  • Your batting options should constitute top order batsmen predominantly for their ability to bat through the innings and score big.
  • Opt for bowlers adept at bowling at the death, as they are likely to get wickets when batsmen will look to go after them for some quick runs.   
  • Prefer a wicketkeeper who can bat at the top of the order. Besides catching almost everything coming their way, they can fetch you points with their batting.
  • Picking up more all-rounders is always a wise move.

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