Benefits of Health Insurance for Women

While raising voices for equal rights for women, we forget to pay attention to consider purchasing health insurance plans for the women of our homes. It is a common trait in women to take care of everybody in the house, be it a homemaker or a working woman. But, she often ignores her own health while juggling with her 24/7 job. Women are prone to more health troubles due to a number of reasons and a health insurance policy can make sure that she gets the care she deserves when she needs it the most.

Benefits of Buying Health Insurance for Women

Insurers in India are focusing on providing specific health insurance plans for females. Eminent financial providers like Bajaj Finserv offer Women Specific Critical Illness Insurance policy. This policy provides 100% coverage for critical illnesses like burns, permanent paralysis, cancer, multitrauma, etc. It also offers 50% coverage for congenital disorders like Down’s syndrome, heart diseases, etc. You can check for the range of women-specific health insurance covers from Bajaj Finserv’s website.

Following are some of the benefits of buying a women-specific health insurance plan:

Prevents Financial Crunches

Women are prone to many serious health issues like cervical cancer, breast cancer, vaginal cancer, and many more. Treatment of all such diseases can impact on the financial stability of your house. If you buy health insurance for women, you can avoid difficulties in managing your funds during unforeseen health hazards.

Covers According to the Needs

You can opt for basic covers that will insure you for minor diseases as well as comprehensive covers for significant diseases. You can choose your plan as per your requirement. Although, it is ideal to buy plans that can cover huge expenses as funds provided by cheaper plans may be insufficient at the time of lumpsum monetary requirements.

Low Premium

If a woman purchases health insurance policies during the early stages of earning, she can get comprehensive covers with lower premium rates. The premium payment increases and the covers offered decreases with age. The reason being, at a young age, women are free from medical troubles that assures the financial provider with a long-term policy. The longer the tenor, lower will be the premium payment. Therefore, it is ideal to buy the insurance policy as soon as possible.

Tax Benefits

Women under the age of 65 years, under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, can claim for a tax deduction of up to Rs. 30,000. Hence, along with health cover, you can avail tax benefits with a health insurance policy.

Financial Independence

With the increasing ratio of independent women in India, family floater plans may not be of much use. With online health insurance application procedures, you can easily apply and manage your insurance plan efficiently. While you are financially independent, purchasing a health insurance policy can stabilize your finances and prepare you for the unanticipated medical emergencies.

Maternity Benefits

If you are a dedicated customer, your insurance provider can offer maternity benefits as an add-on cover. Bajaj Finserv provides maternity health insurance covers that can be purchased independently as well as like an add-on cover. It covers the mother as well as the child against hospital charges for pre-natal and post-natal treatments. You can check the range of insurance policy on the company’s website.

Availing a health insurance policy may be the best way to prepare for any kind of medical emergencies in the future. You can get the required treatment and healthcare without worrying about the expenses. You need not pay for your medical expenses if you get admitted to any of the network hospitals of your insurance provider. You can ask your insurance provider to know the list of hospitals falling under their network so as to avoid disturbing your financial balance.

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