Be a Stylish Statement by Choosing a Perfect Branded Formal Shirt

Do you wish to attract everyone in the street when you walk down? Do you want to display yourself as the fashion-focused person? No matter, whether it is formal or office events, wearing branded formal shirts will make you look handsome and attractive as well. Actually, the formal shirt is extremely versatile and suitable for almost all the occasion. For example, a formal shirt from popular Vida Loca brand with sleeves rolled up and jeans give a classic look for a perfect night out.

Invest in the right format shirt

Do you wish to purchase branded formal shirts for mens from the store, you familiar with? Well, making the right choice is really challenging. Usually, merchandise attracts the customers to the brands followed by the colors and designs of the fabric. After exploring the displays, you have to find the right shirt based on your need by considering the important aspects. Here is the real challenge begins. Usually, size is not a big issue because the collar size is universally in centimeter and then inches represent the shirt size. Most of you have already known about these things. Apart from these, many things need to look for when taking a good decision. To know them, continue reading!

Things to look for when buying format shirt


When it comes to selecting quality format shirt, you must look for the quality of the fabric. To ensure this, hold the shirt against light and check whether it has any hairiness at the surface. The smooth and non-hairy fabric represents good quality fabric. It comes for long time usage and value for your money.

Collar and cuffs

Many buyers do not give importance to collar and cuffs but it is extremely vital when choosing a formal shirt. It is because smoothly finished collar and cuffs without any bubbles and bends give you a classic and stylish look. Ensure both collar tips look symmetrical and have perfect points at the tips.

Stitching and trims

Do not forget to look at the stitching run in the straight lines and do not have any loop formation. If it is parallel stitches, ensure the distance between the two lines is same. The high stitches per inch (SPI) makes the shirt looks perfect and elegant, which improves its life. Additionally, check the buttons, labels, and buttonholes sewn appropriately.


If you have a slim and V-shaped body, then your shirt should not be loose around the waist and try the slim fit for a better outlook.  When you have tummy fat, look for regular and comfort fit shirt. In case, your collar and sleeve fit correctly but it is too tight around the tummy, the order the bespoke shirt. It means a tailored shirt made from your measurement.


Choose the right style based on your personal choice because it is available in numerous options. Some of the popular styles evolve in the shirt are around the cuffs, pockets, collars, and button placket areas. Picking right style is as much important as wearing the right accessories to get a perfect finish look.

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