7 Tips That Will Help You Score Well In CBSE Class 10 Board Examinations

CBSE Board conducts board examinations for class 10 students annually. Board examinations are what put the students under pressure and keep their mind-boggling. The pressure of getting good grades in CBSE class 10 put the students under jeopardy and it becomes a nightmare for many students.

But students need not worry as CBSE Class 10 board exams are just like any other exams which students have been taking in their previously. The only difference is that for class 10th students, the board exams are their first experience of nationalized exams. 

What’s the solution to curb the pressure? This is a common question that circulates not only in the student’s mind but the parents’ mind as well.  Pressure can be dealt with the efficient preparation. Below are the tips to prepare for the CBSE class 10 Board examination.

1. Start as soon as the lesson ends

Its human nature to take out weapons only at the time of war and students are no exception. Students start their preparation when CBSE board announce the exam date. It is very essential for the students to study and understand the topics as and when it is taught by the teacher. This habit will not only keep you updated but also give you immense time to solve the question papers and sample papers.

2. Make a Time table

With every task we do, there should be a plan and time table. Following a strict, study timetable will give you the advantage of always being familiar with concepts in the subject.  And one can easily get out of the pressure of studying a number of topics in a short period.

3. Self-study

When your teacher completes a topic it is very important for the student to brush up and revise the same. This will help you reach your study goals and makes your life easier when you start revising your lessons. This will help you remember volatile topics like redox reactions for a longer period of time.

4. Discipline

Studies should be timely and disciplined. Consistent studies will help you balance your academic and personal lives. This is very important to handle the pressure during exams.

5. Revise

Many students work hard but they fail to revise due to lack of time. Strategizing your study will help you revise and revising the subjects. This activity is very important from the point of examination.

6. Writing habits

Writing is very important and you need a lot of practice to write in exams  Ex: Name Reactions. Many students read but don’t write, so consequently, they fail to produce results in examination. Solving sample papers and attending the mock questions will help students to overcome this problem.

7. Chill out and be relaxed

Being anxious increases your pressure. It is a wise idea to be relaxed while preparing for the exams. In the exam hall, it’s wise to start with easy questions. This will help you to stay calm and boost your confidence.

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