5 Top Reasons Why You Should Be Using Mobile Shelving

As most businesses deal with vast volumes of inventory on-site, an efficient storage system solution is required to safely store inventory and items. As a loss of inventory results in a loss of profits, the storage system needs to be fully durable and have a strong design to ensure each item is fully protected when in storage. It also needs to be functional, versatile and maximise the floor space as much as possible for a better working environment. Mobile shelving has become increasingly popular over the years and many businesses have benefited from the range of advantages it can provide. With that being said, if you aren’t using mobile shelving in your storage area, then here are the 5 top reasons why you should be.


Businesses change as they grow over time, which means so does their storage equipment. It can be expensive constantly upgrading and changing to a new storage system each time, but this doesn’t have to be the case with mobile shelving, as it is able to adapt as your storage demands increase. Options such as additional shelves, extra drawer units or increasing the number of bays will increase its efficiency to keep with your business as it grows, without the constant need to change storage equipment.

More Floor Space

Less floor space for storage means more time is spent locating and extracting an item, and it can also be unsafe as staff needs to maneuver through more obstacles in their day-to-day activities. Mobile shelving can greatly reduce the amount of space required for storage, resulting in increased floor space for staff and a more efficient and safer working environment. Most mobile shelving can be custom made to your specific requirements, which means you will have a storage solution that is specifically designed to your storage area measurements.

Increased Productivity

As staff are able to find stored items much quicker and easier, work productivity is increased. They can easily locate the desired shelf or storage bay, and have quicker access to stored inventory on the go. Less time spent of searching for items means more time spent on important tasks.


These mobile storage systems are designed to safely store and move heavier loads. Electrically operated mobile shelving systems provide optimal safety for staff, as vast amounts of inventory varying in different weights and sizes can be easily accessed with the touch of a button.


As mobile shelving can be customized to your specific needs, this cuts down on costs and provides a versatile solution when working with a smaller amount of space. After having the measurements of your available storage space, you are able to choose the number of shelf levels, how many doors, the measurements, and dimensions of the shelving and much more, to ensure that you are fully utilizing the available storage space to your needs.

There are many companies that provide mobile shelving storage solutions, so make sure to choose a company that offers a large range of storage solutions for a vast range of businesses. This way they are more likely to have a storage system to suit your needs or can work with you to design a storage solution specifically for your needs.

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