5 Fireplace Tools That Will Benefit You the Most

Fireplace tools are designed so that you can effectively manage the fire while it is burning. When it comes to the functionality of these tools, there can be two obvious ones. First for controlling i.e. to make the fire brighter or subdued and burn low! Since safety is the main factor to be considered it is very important that the right fireplace tools are used to regulate the strength of the fire. Again it can be used for decoration as well to enhance the aesthetic value of the fireplace.

The fireplace is one of the most attractive centers of your home and it is absolutely essential that it is equipped with all necessary tools that will also make it more attractive. A fireplace toolkit available in the market includes several such tools. However, they do not come cheap. Plus there may be a lot of redundant tools in the lot as well. You would thus need to be ware about the right tools along with the efficacy of each in order to make a good bargain. Check out the facts to get an idea of the tools that are a must have today.

  1. Andiron: This is the tool that tops the list. It is basically a horizontal bar that is used to support the logs that are fed to the flames in the fireplace. It allows air to pass through the logs thereby preventing excessive smoke formation during combustion. You would actually be coughing hard if you fail to utilize this particular tool without benefiting from the fire at all.
  2. Fireplace Poker: This tool is also referred to as a stoker. It is a long iron fireproof rod with an insulated handling end that will help you to push or feed more stuff into the flames. You may find a stoker of good standard as well as of longer lengths that will allow you to feed the fire at your fireplace most securely.
  3. Bellows: These are employed to pressurized yet controlled air to the fire. It comes with a nozzle that will serve as the entry passage of air along with a valve that serves as the exit. Its purpose is to increase the flame at the fireplace via pressurized air.
  4. Spade and Tongs: This pair of tools helps the home owner to handle the burning materials and embers effectively without running the risk of being burnt or blistered in the process. The poker, the spade and the tongs have similar functions though. However, it is easier to pick up things with the tongs.
  5. Fireplace Broom: Last but not the least of the necessary fireplace tools is the fireplace broom that is can sweep away the ashes along with the burnt remnants away from the fireplace once the fireplace is turned off.

The list above is not an exhaustive one though. You can choose to buy other kinds of equipment that will enable you to make the most of your fireplace. Do be sure to inquire about the purpose of each instead of spending your money on assorted tools that may never be utilized by you.

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