3 Reasons To Use Roofing Copper Nails

It is impossible to imagine construction without nails. The tiny objects happen to be the foundation of any kind of construction and you will find them everywhere. From joining planks to water piping and adding adornments to installing a roof, there is no place where such nails are overlooked for use.  The present day nails are made out of galvanized iron, gypsum, and stainless steel.  However, it is copper that is the preferred material for nails especially in the construction industry. It happens to be resistant to rust thus making it the material of choice when it comes to roofing. The copper nails not only make the roof more durable but conceals the joints most effectively thereby making it appear seamless. Roofing copper nails are the best choice for installation of slates as well.

So, should you use copper nail or any other material? The choice is indeed tough but the options are numerous. It is likely to make you confused about picking the right nail when you are concerned about completing a roofing project. No worries! All you need to do is to compare the advantages of each kind and then check its suitability. Hurrah! It is copper that gains the upper hand almost always. So, go ahead and source the nails in bulk but not before you know certain facts.

  1. They are Moisture Resistant: The one thing that will have you all agog to use copper nails for roofing is its property of being resistant to moisture. In other words, you will not find the roof give way suddenly and come crushing down because the nails had rusted away. In fact, in the coastal regions, where the moisture content in the air is extremely high or in the places prone to receiving heavy rainfall, copper nails happen to be the number one choice for roofers. Galvanized nails are not as sturdy as the copper ones making them lose out to the former decisively.
  2. They are Pollution Resistant: Copper nails are capable of keeping pollutants at bay too. Copper nails do not wear off easily and are comparatively safer to use than the galvanized nails. The increasing levels of pollution have made it essential to utilize only those nails that can remain untainted by the pollutants in the environment.
  3. They Come In Wide Varieties: Every person has a different requirement. Yet, it is copper nails they swear by albeit of different varieties. Yes! You would be amazed to find the same copper being designed into specific kinds of nails with each being suited for a different purpose. Copper clout and annular ring nails are commonly used for roofing projects and are available in various sizes as per your needs. Copper disc rivets can be used in cementing of the fiber slates while copper slate straps are mainly used by people for repair of damaged slates on their roof.

Roofing copper nails are definitely the best choice and totally worth the expenses. It is an investment that almost all roofers swear by making these nails retain the demand throughout the year.

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